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We believe that there is always a better solution. We have seen that when out-of-the-box solutions are replaced with creativity, technical ability and know-how our clients and their customers win. and we intend to make this happen.

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Meet the team

Kieran Moore

With over 12 years of marketing experience, Kieran has led several start-up's marketing efforts, resulting in acquisitions and investments. Kieran pivoted from marketing to focus more on web design and development, where he found he had a profound impact on organisations. His ability in website development and executing marketing campaigns across continents. Kieran's skillset experience and background in retail and SaaS entrepreneurship enable him to design marketing systems that empower teams for business growth. His recent project creating the website and marketing system for the Marketing Institute Ireland exemplifies his diverse skill set and effective problem-solving approach.

Joleene McDermott

With a background in hospitality marketing, Joleene brings a dynamic skill set to the digital landscape. Joleene's experience encompasses building multiple websites and managing diverse social media campaigns concurrently. A forward-thinker, Joleene operates 6-12 months ahead, ensuring meticulous planning and execution. Joleene's organisational prowess shines in delivering projects, reporting on results, and achieving revenue goals. A proactive problem-solver, Joleene anticipates issues in advance, offering solutions. With over 20 years in leadership, Joleene contributes valuable insights to teams.

Rich Osborn

With over 24 years of design and animation expertise, Richard takes the lead in major design strategies for globally acclaimed bands. His impactful contributions span a multitude of mediums, from app and website design to user screens for DVDs and Blu-rays, broadcast, and cinema. Richard's proficiency extends to crafting Spotify and Apple Music strategies, showcasing a comprehensive skill set that seamlessly adapts across diverse platforms. His versatile experience also encompasses designing and branding for various industries, including noteworthy stints in SaaS companies. Recognised for his adaptability and fortitude, Richard remains a seasoned veteran of UX, making significant strides in shaping visual narratives across an array of creative landscapes.

Adrian McCourt

With over 20 years as a member of the Institute of Directors (MIoD), Adrian has dedicated his career to optimising business functionality for sustained performance. Specialising in strategic design, innovative structures, and ambitious sales growth, he steered a business from start-up to a £10 million turnover. Adrian excels in leading acquisitions exceeding £100 million, winning multi-million-pound contracts, and managing client relationships across private and public sectors. Adrians now works as a business consultant that specialises in the implementation of CRM, Sales and Business growth.

Christopher Kelly

Chris, a seasoned Video Production, Photography, and Creative Director, brings over a decade of experience to various projects, establishing himself as a leading creative professional. His expertise spans the realms of videography and photography, showcasing his versatility in crafting compelling visuals. From documentaries to online adverts, Chris has consistently delivered outstanding content. With a wealth of knowledge in visuals and video campaign marketing, he goes beyond by sharing his expertise. Chris regularly conducts courses and training sessions for marketers, emphasising the art of telling a compelling brand story through both video and photography.

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