7 Things You Require from a New Website and Marketing System

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Are you considering a new website? Is it merely an aesthetic upgrade? A website is significant, but it proves even more beneficial for your business when you contemplate establishing an automated system that demands minimal effort and can drive customer sales and leads. For those unaccustomed to an advanced system, it may appear like magic but websites don’t need to consume everyone’s time. Here are 7 things you need from your new digital presence.

Know where your customers are originating from

Being able to discover where your customers come from, how long it takes to convert them, the number of interactions, and the lifetime ROI is essential for planning. Knowing the origin of your customers enables you to make better decisions, focus your attention, and allocate resources more effectively.

Know what your customers are interested in

A system that organises your customer’s data into relevant insights will impact everything in your organisation, from product and service offerings to hiring decisions and resource allocation.

Real-time sales performance insights

Observing any sales slumps in real-time and pinpointing the cause enables your organisation to make quick and effective pivots to get back on track. Through the HubSpot oversight platform, you can monitor employee conversion rates and ensure you aren’t burning bridges with potential customers.

Real-time marketing performance insights

Identifying changes in key metrics allows you to better understand your business and identify any bugs or issues with your marketing that could potentially damage your conversions. Being able to see drops in traffic through graphs enables you to investigate and make corrections promptly.

Customer empowerment

Create tools and functionalities that enable your customers to use self-service. This frees up time within your organisation, allowing your team to focus on growth and other pressing issues, fostering a better working environment for staff.

Staff empowerment

Ensuring that your website is user-friendly for non-technical staff is crucial. Separating daily tasks from major changes enables an automated approach to creating content or making adjustments. The ability of your staff to accomplish their tasks online in a foolproof way ensures that the website and brand are on point. What would it mean for your business if your staff were 5 times more productive?

Automated promotion through tech stacking

Ensuring that your website has the correct integration, SEO, Google Shopping, and other setups with third parties will ensure that completing small tasks on your website has far-reaching implications. This will work for you without worrying about the effects of human error.

In conclusion, a sophisticated website and marketing system goes beyond aesthetics, offering a transformative impact on business productivity. Through insights, real-time monitoring, and user-friendly features, businesses can empower both customers and staff, creating an efficient and growth-oriented environment. Embracing automation, strategic planning, and tech stacking ensures sustained success, making your online presence a powerful tool for driving sales, understanding your audience, and maintaining a competitive edge in the ever-evolving digital landscape.


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