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HubSpot unveils game-changing pricing in a monumental stride towards inclusivity and affordability. HubSpot, a global leader in CRM, marketing, sales, and service solutions, empowers businesses with accessible tools for growth. They have introduced an innovative pricing model tailored to meet the needs of businesses across the spectrum. This announcement holds particular significance for small enterprises in the UK and Ireland, where accessibility to cutting-edge business software is now within reach like never before, not only for new users to HubSpot but also for current HubSpot users.

“This is a huge opportunity not only for new users to the platform who wish to grow their sales but also for existing businesses who use the free version of HubSpot. This new pricing will give access to AI and automation, and all the bells and whistles available through HubSpot but at a new low-cost entry point. As a HubSpot user myself, it could potentially be half what I pay and give me way more tools in Lockview. Free seats are also still available. Those only using the sales side of the platform, can now access automation in the customer service hub without huge investment. Not only will the system help clients increase sales but also improve customer satisfaction with a single source of truth.”

Benefits for Small Businesses:

      1. Affordable Entry Point:
        For small businesses, affordability is paramount. With HubSpot’s new pricing model, tailored specifically for smaller enterprises, businesses can now access a comprehensive suite of tools at a fraction of the cost, opening doors to unprecedented growth opportunities.

      1. Tailored Solutions:
        Flexibility is key in today’s dynamic business landscape. HubSpot’s customisable plans allow businesses to cherry-pick the tools and features that align with their unique requirements, ensuring maximum efficiency and return on investment.

      1. Scalability:
        As small businesses evolve and expand, so do their needs. HubSpot’s scalable solutions enable a seamless transition to more advanced plans as businesses grow, ensuring they always have access to the resources they need to succeed.


    Focus on Current HubSpot Customers:

    Existing HubSpot customers stand to benefit immensely from the new pricing model. Lockview Business Solutions, a Gold Partner of HubSpot based in Belfast but covering Ireland and the UK, lauds this initiative for its potential to enhance the value proposition for current users. With the ability to upgrade to more advanced plans and unlock additional features at minimal incremental cost, businesses already familiar with HubSpot’s platform can further maximise their investment.

    The new pricing model is designed for customers to:

        • Start for free and scale with five users included at the Free tier and the introduction of a single seat type—the Core Seat—at Starter. Now, it’s easier than ever to grow your business with HubSpot.

        • Pay as they grow with the new View-Only Seat and no seat minimums for Sales Hub and Service Hub, giving customers more flexibility over portal access and greater control over their total cost of ownership.

        • Connect their teams through access to HubSpot’s Smart CRM with the new Core Seat. With the Smart CRM, teams have one central source of truth to understand the customer journey across marketing, sales, and service.

        • Drive effectiveness with an AI-powered Smart CRM that unifies data for faster workflows and richer customer context. And with AI capabilities embedded across the engagement Hubs—such as creating content, forecasting revenue, and generating reports—go-to-market teams can deliver even more value, faster.


      HubSpot’s innovative pricing model marks a significant leap forward in empowering small businesses across the UK and Ireland with the tools they need to thrive. With affordability, flexibility, and scalability at its core, this initiative reaffirms HubSpot’s commitment to driving growth and success for businesses of all sizes in today’s competitive landscape. HubSpot’s introduction to the new pricing is available to see here.

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