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Website Development

To kick off the project, we conducted a thorough analysis of Wild Ireland’s requirements and needs. We identified that the park needed a platform that could sell their merchandise and enable customers to book tickets easily. We opted for WordPress and WooCommerce to build the site as they are user-friendly, SEO-friendly, and easy to manage.

We customise the site’s design to align with Wild Ireland’s brand identity, ensuring it was visually appealing to customers. We also incorporated a mobile-first approach as most visitors accessed the website through their mobile devices. To streamline ticket booking, we created an easy-to-use ticket management system that allows customers to book their tickets and manage them seamlessly.

To increase the park’s revenue, we added recurring donations and annual membership packages to the site. This allows visitors to support the park regularly and enjoy access to the wildlife park.


We realised that Wild Ireland needed to rebrand to increase its visibility and attract more visitors. We started by conducting a brand analysis to identify areas that needed improvement. We then developed a new brand identity that aligned with the park’s mission and values.

We created a new logo that reflected the park’s natural beauty and wildlife. We also developed a new colour scheme that was modern and fresh, with green and brown tones to represent the natural environment. To ensure consistency, we applied the new branding across all touchpoints, including the website, merchandise, and social media.

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Video Production Examples

To enhance the park’s visibility and promote it during the Christmas season, we produced heartwarming Christmas videos. We aimed to showcase the park’s natural beauty, highlight its animals, and inspire customers to visit the park.

We created two videos, one for social media and one for the website. The videos were professionally shot and edited, and the sound was optimised to provide the best audio experience. We included captions and subtitles to ensure they were accessible to all viewers. The videos received a positive response from customers and increased Wild Ireland’s visibility on social media platforms.

Results and conclusion

The new website, videos, and rebranding strategy have yielded significant results for Wild Ireland. Within three months of the website launch, sales increased tenfold and continue to grow. The addition of recurring donations and membership packages has also increased revenue for the park.

The new website has a mobile-first approach, improving the user experience for customers. The site is optimised for SEO, and Wild Ireland now out ranks Dublin Zoo on most search items. The easy-to-use ticket management system has made booking tickets a hassle-free experience for customers.

The heartwarming Christmas videos were well-received by customers, and the park’s visibility on social media platforms increased. The rebranding has made Wild Ireland’s brand more recognizable, and the new logo and colour scheme has modernised its image.

In conclusion, our team successfully developed an e-commerce website for Wild Ireland that incorporates an easy-to-use ticket management system and increases recurring revenue. We produced heartwarming Christmas videos that increased the park’s visibility on social media platforms, and our rebranding strategy has made the park’s brand more recognisable. 

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